A “school” for new leaders


Mezzogiorno , 30 May 2020 – 10: 32

by Vincenzo Trione

It is a historic occasion, as Enzo d’Errico pointed out in yesterday's editorial. An opportunity not to be missed. In the post-Covid phase, Naples, Campania and the South have two roads before them. Or take paths already beaten, relying on a form of neo-welfare, without being able to “arouse and provoke the participation of the southerners” (to resume what Giuseppe De Rita wrote in The long South , edited by Laterza). This is the risk to which Governor De Luca is exposing himself with his recent measures, who managed the dramatic phase of the lockdown with determination and effectiveness, but that now, beyond a perhaps excessive media exuberance, it seems to be stumbling in pre-electoralistic choices.

Then, there is the other path. Live this moment of difficulty as an extraordinary opportunity. Not to rival a generous and now mortally wounded capital like Milan. But finally to really think big.

It would be necessary to abandon the useless rustic duels that for years have contrasted two «twentieth-century personalities »As the President of the De Luca Region and the Mayor of Magistris. As chess players trying to play in a video game, we could say by taking an image used by Alessandro Baricco. Therefore, it will be necessary to go beyond the liturgies adopted by those who understand politics not as a high discourse conducted between citizens within a community, but as a profession to pursue and administer power. How? Transforming Naples into the laboratory for the formation of a new ruling class for our country and for the south. A ruling class that has those qualities that Ernesto Galli della Loggia spoke about a few days ago on the columns of the Corriere della Sera : personal disinterest; ability to “take responsibility” and to make decisions; and above all, an overall vision of Italy, “an indispensable condition for imagining its future, for imagining the type of society, values ​​and interests that it must seek to embody”.

Not only. In this complex but exciting phase, there is a need for a different ruling class compared to those active in past decades. More secular, more open, more dynamic. A utopia? No. There is a place that, remembered Errico, could become the best incubator for the creation of this ruling class. The Southern High School, born as a rib of Federico II, by the will of the ex Rector Gaetano Manfredi, with the support of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Not a “classical” high school, based on sometimes anachronistic, academic and “firm” models, anchored to a vertical approach to traditional disciplines. A factory of intelligence and talent, in which the humanities with the technologies , the disciplines humanities, social and economic with media-communicative and scientific-engineering ones. We explore connections between non-contiguous cultures, moving in a horizontal perspective, in line with the needs of a civilization like ours, which tends to integrate the love for deepening with the desire to bring unexpected connections between distant and different territories to the surface . Always in dialogue with the needs of the “outside” world.

Finally, without fear of taking on an excellent e-learning platform such as Federica. These intentions were at the origin of the project-Southern High School developed in 2018 with rigorous visionariness by Manfredi.

In front of the theater of regional and city politics that for twenty years wearily proposes the same actors and in front of administrators who, although with different outcomes, seem inclined to manage everyday life, principals such as the Southern High School have a civil mission: try to fly high, look beyond the news, work to build future scenarios, fulfilling a democratic role, not just training. Becoming the center of a plural, widespread and articulated cultural system, which should also include the Technological District of East Naples and the School of cinema.

It would be an important signal if the rebirth of Naples, Campania and the South started right from the University and above all from a Higher Education School. And by a ruling class not inclined to re-propose “twentieth-century” models and behaviors, but adequate to the questions, challenges, contradictions of our time.

30 May 2020 | 10: 32