A Terrone challenges the Bran


Twelve o'clock, 23 May 2020 – 10: 31

An engineer from Salernitano brings up the Academy to receive a definitive and qualified answer on the origin of the term “terrone”, which is also his surname

by Gabriele Bojano

History, said Charles Marx, it always repeats itself twice: the first time as a tragedy, the second time as a farce. The story of the engineer Francesco Terrone, 59 years on June 5, of Mercato San Severino, was a first tragedy, when, at the beginning of the years 90, a young graduate looking for employment in the North, he was forced to undergo at every job interview poisonous jokes, scornful but above all hateful vetoes because of that “cumbersome” surname. Once he found his accommodation, today he is the head of a company, founded by him, which deals with the safety of lifts, with offices throughout Italy, in order not to forget the traumatic beginnings he decided to be obstinately and forever “Terrone, in name and in fact” and so his story gradually declined into farce. An assault meridionalist, he created a foundation that takes its name and whose scientific committee is chaired by Professor Giulio Tarro, is president of the Inter-European Cultural Popular Social Economic Movement with offices in Rome, Naples and Milan and has received three honorary degrees , including two in America.

His true passion is poetry “… everything that the world needs to make it more world for those who live the world”. He composed the beauty of six thousand lyrics, which he collected in 96 books of which not one has been sold. “I give them away,” he admits, challenging the consumer society with a smile. By the way, he also calls himself an art patron. In 2012 send as a polite provocation 501 white, red and green roses to Umberto Bossi to testify to him “the beauty of our tricolor, our homeland and our people”.

In September 2019 Vittorio Feltri lawsuit, before he ended up at the center of the controversy for his views on the southerners, for having written in an editorial on Libero «We leave Conte his zoo full of terroni».

Now, however, the stubborn “son of the South” has decided to raise the bar and bring up the Accademia della Crusca to receive a definitive and qualified answer on the origin of the term terrone. “So that the vice of giving it a derogatory meaning always ends.” Study that rebounds you, identified the linguist Bruno Migliorjni as the initiator of the malvezzo: «In 1950, in the appendix to Modern dictionary by Alfredo Panzini, Migliorini inserts the word terrone. I quote verbatim: “Terrone: so the northern Italians call the inhabitants of the southern regions”. I believe that in this way the professor has simply reduced the true meaning of the term to a simple territorial diatribe. It is clear the will to give Terrone a derogatory meaning as it is he who is tied to the earth, who works the land and this, with good probability for some of the professoni, is considered a condition of social and economic inferiority because agriculture, especially in the South, it was relegated to a backward condition. A lie! ” In parallel, Terrone also researched the origins of his family, dating back to the early nineteenth century, and found feudal lords, intellectuals, nobles and priests there. But then where is the truth? Hence the appeal to Crusca with a letter requesting scientific clarifications which was followed by a reply that refers instead to Migliorini's thesis. Unconvinced, Terrone wrote a second letter. “I will insist until the end – he concludes – because my interest in Terrone is not a problem of vanity but is to give the right value to my land which is the same as those who love the South and its people”.

23 May 2020 | 10: 31


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