Cinemas and theaters in a state of crisis Grispello closes, Stella does not

difficult to maintain the safety distances of one meter between the spectators

Mezzogiorno , March 6 2020 – 08: 35

The sector now speaks openly of crisis, exhibitors move with different sensitivities. A symbolic act at Diana: all the lights on

by Vanni Fondi

Peppe Caccavale e Nicola Grispello con Kim Rossi Stuart
Peppe Caccavale and Nicola Grispello with Kim Rossi Stuart

The entertainment world in Campania has been officially in crisis since yesterday. To open it the operators of theaters and cinemas who met to meet the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers which practically imposes its closure. But there are also those who remain open.

Let's start from the cinemas. Who does not close is Luciano Stella with his Modernissimo, Happy, Big, Vittoria and Delle Palme. “I remain open to give a sign of life – he says – in full compliance with the decree that wants at least two chairs between one spectator to another. I think this attitude is more demanding and less profitable than quitting. But I like it that way, it's a challenge ». Instead, Luigi Grispello (Metropolitan, Filangieri, America Hall, Sofia) closes, which he does not really want, but who underlines the great difficulties in maintaining the limits imposed by the decree. “It would be easy to create a different chessboard for the spectators, but it is impossible to make them keep the interpersonal safety distance of one meter at the entrance and exit, at the bar, in the foyer. Therefore, with regret, we suspended the demonstrations, while leaving the absolute freedom of the individual operator to do what he wants by taking on his responsibilities. No lockouts, therefore, as someone wrongly declared “.

Grispello speaks institutionally as president of Campania of Agis (Italian general association of entertainment) and Anec (national association of cinema exhibitors), of which he is national vice president. The soul therefore (it can be said) of yesterday's extraordinary meeting of the operators of the show, which took place right in the historic headquarters of Agis in Piazza del Gesù, where yesterday the crisis state of the sector was unanimously proclaimed. As announced by Artec (Regional Theater Association of Campania): “We believe that the conditions dictated by the decree are not applicable both for the state of the places of the show and for the particularity of the artistic work, based on interpersonal relationships. Therefore we declare the closure of all associated structures and the opening of the state of crisis with the activation of a technical table to evaluate all the most appropriate initiatives to protect businesses and workers “.

Closure and crises affecting, in addition to cinemas, every theatrical entity. Starting from the Teatro di San Carlo Foundation, which canceled all its shows until April 5. To speak is the superintendent Rosanna Purchia: «Unfortunately we had to cancel them. However, we look forward to new provisions because the decree is very clear as regards the public, much less for employers. For workers, confidently awaiting an emergency measure for them, we will ensure employment in other shows. In the meantime, they will be at home for four days to allow all required safety and sanitation measures to be completed. We will give two choices to spectators with tickets and to subscribers: attend another show or be reimbursed “.

The superintendent of San Carlo is echoed by the Mirra family and the Caccavale family, who manage the Diana and Augusteo theaters respectively. «We will recover the shows that will not go on stage – says Claudia Mirra del Diana – and the artists, starting from Vincenzo Salemme, have become available. Impossible to do otherwise also because, to keep the distances between them, we should leave subscribers at home. In the meantime, the theater will be open and symbolically with the lights on ». The Augusteo will also remain open. «We trust in the patience of our spectators – says Giuseppe Caccavale, also engaged with the Politeama and in the Metropolitan with Grispello – and we are working on moving the shows. In any case, we will ensure the information service and the opening of the box office. We thank the public for showing solidarity and affection for us “.

March 6 2020 | 08: 35