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Mezzogiorno , 23 May 2020 – 09: 15

Dear director,

about the theater, it seems that the problem is' open 'and not' what do'. Financial flows are welcome. But for whom and to do what? Live entertainment is necessary, but not with old products. The theater is supported by public money and by the public and is sometimes administered privately by those who take refuge in their habits. Artistic creativity is caged. The actors are treated like a workforce. And the language of the entrepreneurs considers the collection, the seats and the request for new funds. Filling billboards and signing up is not cultural policy that requires a vision of society, a forward-looking look

Francesco de Notaris

(former senator of the Republic)

Dear de Notaris,

q this newspaper was the first to raise the issues you propose. I myself, in an editorial, suggested a turnaround in the management of cultural events at the time of the epidemic. I ask myself: what is the point of continuing to plan events based exclusively on international stars (often running out of career) when thousands and thousands of workers in the sector are reduced to mere survival? Why are those funds, the vast majority coming from public funds, not destined, at least next summer, to initiatives capable of relaunching the sector? Do we really think that this tragedy has not changed citizens and the role of cultural institutions itself? Unfortunately, these questions have so far not found convincing answers. And I'm afraid, given the announcements of the last few days, that they won't find any. Once again we discount the absence of a regional councilorship for culture, a place where you can reflect on the changes taking place to adequately address the department's policies. De Luca, who has kept the proxy for himself, has ten thousand other things to deal with, especially today when he is called to face the virus emergency. The fact remains, however, that if we really consider culture a fundamental asset of our being a community, both from a civil and economic point of view, we cannot reduce it to a showcase where to display the jewels (or presumed such) collected among the agents, pretending that the rest does not exist. For a summer we let the stars stand by and watch our artists and the new public that is emerging.

Enzo d'Errico

23 May 2020 | 09: 15


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