Erri De Luca turns 70: «But I'm not celebrating»


Twelve o'clock, 20 May 2020 – 13: 20

The writer: «My life? Zigzagging from one stage to another in a chaotic way “

Writer, journalist, poet, translator from many languages ​​that he has learned by himself, including Swahili, Yiddish and ancient Hebrew. Erri De Luca turns today 70 years. Born in Naples on 20 May of 1950, in 18 years moved in Rome where he joined the political movement Lotta Continua becoming one of the leaders active during the seventies. As a writer he published his first book in 1989, when he almost 40 years: «Not now, not here», a re-enactment of his childhood spent in Naples. In the following years he published numerous books. From 1994 to 2002 i his works are regularly translated into French: transalpine literary fame earned him the “France Culture” awards for the book “Vinegar, rainbow”, the Laure Bataillon Award for “Three Horses” and the Femina Etranger for “Montedidio”. He was a worker in France, a volunteer in Africa, a driver of humanitarian convoys and a translator of some parts of the Old Testament. But if he thinks of his life he does not recognize “no path rather than zigzagging from one stop to the next in a chaotic way, without any straight line like the Jews in the Sinai desert for 40 years”. And above all today, on his birthday, his great passion will go to the mountains. Because, he reveals, “I'm not celebrating”. Today, for De Luca, the “word revolution has expired, has run out in the twentieth century”. The new one is “a prophetic generation,” he says of thirteen-fifteen-year-olds. «I am admired, I believe in this youth. They are accumulating knowledge in order to invent a future of the world economy that will be for repair and rehabilitation and that will be profitable. Those who deny this evidence, like those who deny pandemics, are waste from the past ». ( agency source )

20 May 2020 | 13: 20


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