Manfredi: «The cinema school will be an innovative project»

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Twelve o'clock, 23 May 2020 – 09: 57

The university minister welcomes the appeal of filmmakers and artists: Franceschini and I are working on it, but it must be a new model

by Simona Brandolini

For a public school of cinema in Campania. The letter of appeal signed by an infinite number of filmmakers, actors, artists from Maurizio Braucci to Toni Servillo, from Edoardo de Angelis to Mario Martone, addressed to ministers Dario Franceschini and Gaetano Manfredi was immediately accepted. And with great enthusiasm. Restarting passes and necessarily leads to art. «Franceschini and I have already talked about it. We immediately got to work, “confirms the Minister of University and Research, Gaetano Manfredi.

Minister wrote to her: “Unlike other regions in our country, we still lack a public school of the Arts and Crafts of Cinema specialized in higher professional training in this sector”. Actually in Italy and supported by public bodies there are the Luchino Visconti Civic School of Cinema in Milan or the Gian Maria Volonté Cinematic Art School in Rome. What is the model you are working on?

“When we read the appeal launched by such important personalities, Dario Franceschini and I spoke at length. There is the will to make an important project dedicated to cinema in Campania. Mibact and the university ministry are working on possible formats. But we must focus on the objectives: that is, looking at cinematography from all points of view, not just acting and directing, there are the workers, there is the multimedia that must be exploited “.

But in which direction do you think you are going?

«We must try to put together the best experiences for an innovative proposal, especially after this emergency. The approach needs to be changed. ”

The producer Gloria Giorgianni, on the Corriere del Mezzogiorno, also launched the idea of ​​an Audiovisual Agency in the South.

«This is also a piece of cinema. I share. We must follow three rules to build a valid project “.

The first.

“Absolute quality without it and today we have understood it better, we are not competitive. The signatures testify to this, in Naples there is all right “.

The second.

«Put them all together. There are institutions such as the Academy of Fine Arts, the University, which work in this direction and must be involved. “

The third.

«The innovative role of the school model. It doesn't have to be a copy of something that already exists, but that looks to the future of a segment that takes us into the world. Because this experience, this great shock must also make us think of innovative ways of using it. We have to go back to the cinema, we all want to go back, but the integration of the modalities is fundamental. But, allow me, one of the fundamental themes is that Naples must return to being world capital and deserves investments of the highest quality. Apple proves it. “

Minister Enzo Amendola in an interview launched the idea of ​​a Green Deal Technopole, like that of Milan, but to Gianturco in the former Manufacture Tabacchi. What do you think?

«Which is another project we are working on. East Naples can be the new major technological district of the South. We must push towards the concentration of investments at an international level ».

The Corriere de The Mezzogiorno has opened a debate on the possibility of voting for the Region and Municipality of Naples. What do you think?

«He will decide who is to do it. I am only saying that all the reforming and progressive forces of the city must be together. Naples needs a great future project, because it is fundamental for the South, only with a strong commitment from the city can there be a push for change ».

Do you think Pd, de Magistris, the Left should all be together?

“I believe that today we need to go beyond political alignments, there is a big push that often comes from areas that are not lined up, but bearers of innovative ideas to be interpreted by”.

Do you think that the government experience can also be replicated locally?

“The government experience is positive because it looks at different parts of society that can walk together. It is a political project to be carried out elsewhere too “.

Minister can you continue this sentence? Naples is …

«Naples can be a social laboratory. In the sense that the response to the future must be complex, made up of tradition and innovation, but also of social needs, equity and the common good. These pillars must be coupled with efficiency. The synthesis? It is building pieces of the world “.

23 May 2020 | 09: 57


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