Mercantia will not be held in Certaldo


3rd April 2020 – 19: 40

Giacomo Cucini: the cancellation is linked to the profound uncertainty of the coming months

Mercantia 2020, scheduled from 15 to 19 July, will not be done. This was announced by the mayor of Certaldo Giacomo Cucini. A decision made after careful evaluations made in the last two weeks.

«An inevitable decision given the emergency»

«The organization of Mercantia 2020 had left already in September – says the mayor – but the emergency situation caused by Covid – 19 forced us to do evaluations that led, inevitably, to decide for the cancellation. The reasons are related to the profound uncertainty that, according to national health and government authorities, will continue in the coming months. Even if there was a relaxation of the restrictive measures, a choral and large gathering event like Mercantia immediately needs certainties on the dates to make economic commitments that cannot be improvised a few weeks before, and we do not have these certainties and we know that we will have them shortly. In addition, even if Italy were to exit completely and within the times foreseen by the emergency, many artists and many spectators arrive from abroad, where the Covid emergency – 19 is manifesting late; it follows that we could hardly count on artists and audiences indispensable to maintain the level we know. In addition to this but no less important is the fact that we will have to deal with what the emergency will leave: every energy and resource will have to be committed to supporting the social and economic fabric and recovering from this situation “

«We take this opportunity to regenerate»

«It is a painful and difficult decision – concludes the mayor – but We are comforted by the fact that much larger events, which seemed impossible to postpone, such as the Olympics, have been postponed. And Mercantia is in fact our “Olympiad”, with 500. 000 investment euros, 400 artists to manage in terms of accommodation, meals, transport, dozens of stages to be assembled and disassembled, mobility and safety for 50. 000 people between free and paying public, and many other aspects in a country of 16. 000 inhabitants and in a small and delicate village medieval. However, this does not mean that we will not invest in entertainment and culture, on the contrary. If possible, we will try to recover immediately with the events of autumn and Christmas. And for our big appointment of summer show, we take this opportunity to regenerate ourselves: I am sure the difficult experience of Coronavirus will change us for the better and in 2021 we will know how to renew ourselves and put in place a completely new event “.

April 3 2020 | 19: 40


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