Polimoda thinks of young people: over two million in scholarships

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April 2 2020 – 22 : 21

The institute allocates a record figure. President Ferragamo: «We are the first to make this investment in the area and we hope not the only ones»

by Laura Antonini

Two million euros is the record figure that Polimoda has allocated for the academic year 2020 / 2021 in scholarships. An unprecedented investment for the institute based in Florence chaired by Ferruccio Ferragamo, also a non-profit organization, with the aim of supporting the fashion and luxury sector around which its training offer has always moved.

The director Venturi: «The school is one of the foundations of society, we do our part»

«We faced this moment of difficulty by bringing all our online activities to continue to be close to our students – explains the director of Polimoda Danilo Venturi – In less than a month we delivered 3. 300 hours of lessons covering almost all the teaching modules. We give the opportunity to take the final exams online to make sure that the boys do not miss a year. We also made ourselves available to keep the workshops open in the summer, if allowed, and we leave students who prefer to suspend attendance the opportunity to resume at another time at no cost. The last Open Day was also held online, as well as the Business Links, an event that every year connects our students with the human resources of companies. But this is not enough. We know that unfortunately after the health emergency there will be the economic one, which will require an effort by everyone to put the country system back on its feet. School is one of the foundations of society and with this scholarship plan we want to do our part “.

The president Ferragamo: «Double contribution to Florence and the territory. Open to collaborate with public and private bodies »

The program in fact foresees a transversal structuring which will cover different types of study programs (post diploma courses biennial, four-year and masters) through dedicated calls presented in brackets over time and will appeal to the most deserving young people both in the Florentine and Tuscan territory, and to those at national and international level. «With this initiative we want to make a double contribution to our city and to the Tuscan territory, particularly important at the moment – underlines the president Ferruccio Ferragamo – On the one hand to give all the young Florentines and Tuscans who have the talent, but not the economic possibilities , the opportunity to make a change in one's life with quality training aimed at professional integration. On the other hand, to support companies in our area by injecting new prepared and competent resources at the time of recovery and revitalization of activities. We are the first to make this investment, but I hope not the only ones. We are open to collaborate with public bodies and private companies to continue in this direction “.

The announcement will be published after Easter

The first bags with technical routes and Specialists will be aimed at young graduates and those from Tuscany will be privileged. The announcement also sponsored by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion will be published after Easter and includes two-year courses. «We know that fashion, like all arts, in such historical moments has always produced great innovations – concludes Danilo Venturi – The two great wars of 900 pushed Chanel in womenswear and Ferragamo in footwear to introduce new shapes, materials and colors. With the crisis of '78 Armani deconstructed the jacket and changed the style of millions of men. The years 90 were supposed to sanction the end of the world but for fashion they were a great period of stylistic avant-garde. Fashion, like other sectors, had already reached unsustainable acceleration levels for humans and the environment before Coronavirus. Here, I believe that this crisis also deserves to become an opportunity to review the fashion sector and the model of society in which we want to live. After Coronavirus we will pray to our dead, we will embrace our loved ones again and take care of the future of the new generations. They will be the great protagonists and the scholarships are our small contribution so that all this can happen “.

April 2 2020 | 22: 21


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