Rispoli: «From Instagram to reality art is an emergency exit “

The interview

Twelve o'clock, 19 May 2020 – 18: 02

The curator talks about her lockdown projects from which two works were born «Language is a Virus» is a women's exhibition in Stockholm and «Io è another» in Copenhagen

of Natascia Festa

The pandemic has been and is a great life accelerator even in slowing it down. And today that we have just put our nose out of quarantine we can take advantage of the prompt intervention of art to try to read what happened inside and outside of us. The project # emergencyexit_artinquarantine, thought in lockdown by the curator Adriana Rispoli, today appears as a seismograph of those inwardly telluric days that we have not left behind.

How was it born?

” From the urgency to tame anxiety. I also had to get used to the idea that all projects went on stand-by: I returned from South Africa in mid-February, just in time to close myself in quarantine. I was there for Under The Spell of Africa I have been working for a year for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The protagonist was the Neapolitan Raffaela Mariniello … Thus emergencyexit was like a medicine for the spirit ».

And he “prescribed” it to a patrol of artists from North to South.

«The 10 March I wrote a personal invitation letter to a hundred artist friends, including fifty bells, scattered however, almost everywhere, residing abroad, but also occasionally outside Italy. It is a sort of relational project that creates a very interesting geographical puzzle. Emergencyexit was a cathartic tool and in the future it will be a heritage, the archive of a difficult moment. I wish it would result in a publication. “

He historicized a passage and generated new jobs.

” That's right. Through the experience of emergencyexit two other projects were born that give voice to Italian art in quarantine: an analog one that will start on 25 May in the streets of Stockholm. Language is a Virus is an exhibition for women conceived for urban billboards and promoted by the Institute Italian of Stockholm culture. The artists involved are Rosy Rox (her work in the photo ndr ), Marzia Improve, Loredana Longo, Francesca Grilli and Marinella Senatore . The other filiation is virtual: I am another, video art project in pills, commissioned to the Milanese Masbedo for the Italian Institute of Copenhagen. It will start on June 8 and will spread from the institute's Instagram profile “.

Adriana Rispoli
Adriana Rispoli

Making art on Instagram is different from posting art on Instagram. How did the destination affect the works?

«I will never get used to art on social networks which are an important tool, but one must distinguish between the dissemination made through the network and the real experience of art. This has its foundation in the relationship with the public. So I distinguish: while #emergencyexit is born on and not for Instagram, I am another has been designed for social. The first is a container of the

Giulia Piscitelli, Guanti
Giulia Piscitelli, Gloves

emotions during the quarantine to keep our voice alive; collects interventions of a different nature that reflect the ongoing emergency. The second project, on the other hand, stems from a direct commission made to the Lombard duo: twelve “visual aphorisms” which will compose in about a month a story of the experience in the difficult phase of the return to confrontation between the individual and the community. This will be the case in which the medium is the message , to put it to McLuhan ».

Finished (hopefully) the Lockdown how will your job as curator change?

«I am honestly listening. For the moment I seem to be living in a long limbo waiting for collective and intimate lighting. The emergency highlighted how perceived and futile our position-profession in society is, especially for freelancers like me, who have always been used to living in uncertainty “. As, moreover, some works of the projects of Rispoliani tell. Just think of Rosy Rox's «Fragile» pandemic re-approach to the world with latex gloves to protect bare feet which then becomes with the collapse of «Fr» «Agile» in the next shot as evidence of a transformation that is always possible (l entire video-work is part of the project of the Mother Call to Action “How to change the world from your living room” and is visible on the museum's social networks)

19 May 2020 | 18: 02