The App of “La Lettura” embraces the stories of Gianni Rodari

On 6 April fifty years ago Gianni Rodari won the prestigious international Andersen prize, the only Italian narrator to date to obtain it. The 2020 is the year of Rodari, of which the hundred years from the birth are celebrated (23 October 1920 ) and i 40 from death (14 April 1980 ).

La copertina di Patrick Tuttofuoco per «la Lettura» #436
The cover of Patrick Tuttofuoco for «la Lettura» # 436

“Reading” pays tribute to the great author for children. In the Theme of the Day, extra focus only digital available daily in the App of “La Lettura” for smartphones and tablets – downloadable from the App Store (for iPhone and iPad) and from Google Play (for Android devices) -, Martino Negri, teacher of the Milano-Bicocca University, investigates who among the children's writers has collected his witness today. The visual data of Sofia Chiarini (which traces his works) and a text by the writer Pierdomenico Baccalario in the supplement # are also dedicated to Rodari , on newsstands and in the App. The first pages of the insert look at the coronavirus emergency, with the second part of the relay diary entrusted to Mauro Covacich and, among other things, an interview with Edgar Morin.

L’App de «la Lettura» abbraccia le storie di Gianni Rodari

In the App of “La Lettura”, distinct from that of the “Corriere”, the new issue arrives on Saturday morning (a preview also available in the Digital Edition of the “Corriere”). The App also contains the over 400 numbers of «La Lettura» issued by 2011 till today. Here, thanks to a search engine, you can therefore find, for example, the text by Marco Missiroli and the graphic novel by Giuseppe Pollicelli and Sudario Brando on Rodari published in «la Lettura» # 425 of the last 29 January.

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