The conspiracy. Waiting for Covid 20

Covid 19 was built in a Wuhan laboratory by technicians and agents of the Beijing government. China had an interest in building a weapon of mass destruction, to fight the western empire and keep demographics under control, having too many mouths to feed and too many elderly people. President Trump denounced the Chinese plans, but decided to let the virus spread with a threefold purpose: to control the electronic vote in the next elections and be thus re-elected, to enrich the pharmaceutical companies that will find the vaccine (in the meantime supports their turnover by eating chloroquine and brioche every morning), eliminate a few million immigrants who thus renounce going to America for fear of getting sick. (For example, study in the secretariat of sovereign parties).

The virus has however favored converging interests in the United States. Bill Gates and the giants of the web, thanks to the pandemic, plan to sell their social control and smart working applications and, of course, get rich, like everyone else, on the stock exchange. For these reasons, China and the United States are friends / enemies. Together they decided to destroy the World Health Organization, first forcing it with corruption not to sound the alarm about the spread of the virus in time, then accusing it of not having given the alarm in time.

Europe, as always, has been watching in random order. But then, as always, Germany gave the shock. And so the second part of the plot was discovered: the epidemic allowed hundreds of billions of euros to circulate, including aid and loans, to break the stability pact, to destroy the sovereign and populist parties, Eurosceptic.

The slogan of Ursula and Angela is “No virus, no money”, but beware of the catch (also smelled by Salvini, Borghi and Meloni): the money will finance the German export and will return to Berlin, where they are based the main pharmaceutical companies. And here the circle closes.

The epidemic in Italy, a country of ancient epidemiological traditions (including the Camorra, the Mafia, smallpox, fancazzismo, clientelismo and “understand me”), has developed variations on the theme. The Conte government, in agreement with the Chinese, (the first infected were in fact two Chinese tourists discovered in Parma), took advantage of the spread of the virus to stay in the saddle, dismiss the elections, obtain loans to save the shack, prevent Renzi to make other disasters, deflate Salvini, prepare the ground for the election of Draghi to the Quirinale. The Democratic Party has supported him with enthusiasm, since he transformed Italy into a single red zone. For this reason, the chorus of “Bella ciao” has been heard in many houses.

Draghi would have the consent of all Italians, of Europe and the world, being the man who determines the parachuting of billions after the great global financial crises. It appears that he agreed with the Americans to bankrupt the banks in 2008 and with China to spread the virus, twelve years later. (The only test, for now, preferably occurs in leap years).

The governors of the regions are waging war under Conte, but it is an apparent war. Lombardy and Veneto, administered by the right, dream of sinking the productive apparatus of the richest regions of Europe and have decided to lockdown first and threaten new closures. Campania, Puglia and Tuscany, administered by the left, support the happy degrowth, sea and deserted beaches, waiting for the usual mountains of grants. De Luca even prohibited pizza. In short, everyone agrees – Northern League and Communist – with Ursula and Angela: “No virus, no money”.

Scientists are in the pay of the great powers. Someone, at the beginning, raised doubts about the pandemic, but then quickly aligned itself: it is now a chorus of the dangers of the virus. Fortunately, some courageous Don Quixote insists on preaching that masks are dangerous because they prevent breathing, (the evidence of dentists, manicures and cosmetic surgeons who have worn it proves it) that the outdoors is very good, especially if even 90-year-olds do at least an hour a day of jogging: possibly in a group.

As in the stracittadine marathons now prohibited, scientists from all over the world, from 18 to 90 years, participate in the race for the discovery of the vaccine. Many distanced the group with announcements that made them more famous than Fiorello. But, waiting for the tests, the race has started, on the web, of politicians and intellectuals (the selection is by brain size) who warn the public less aware of the extreme political danger of lockdown and vaccines.

They are the heroes who discovered – evidence in hand – how much vaccines, from Pasteur onwards, hurt and the secret agreements between Beijing and Washington to reorganize globalization: all at home, with tablet-shaped glasses. A blink of an eye will be enough to shop via Amazon, whose president – according to the well-informed – had every interest in spreading the virus to expand the online sales system. He would also run for the Specter presidency.

These heroes are attempting to expose the Arab-Israeli alliance, patiently built by Prime Minister Netanyahu, who does not care about financial scandals, so much so he is always re-elected. The Arabs, in agreement with the Chinese, have understood that the universal use of masks, with the addition of sunglasses in the summer seasons and balaclavas in the winter seasons, will finally make women's faces invisible. The Israelis, in agreement with the Americans, have imagined that the masks, with the addition of the above, will prevent any form of stalking (also because they mask rebuilt lips and noses) and will finally strengthen equality between men and women.

Fortunately, the few surviving investigative journalists have found the courage to continue investigating. Forced to miserable collaborations, spreading their work for free, they found an ally in a powerful lobby out in the open: the AperolSpritz group, with thousands of illegal supporters, mostly young and single, is financing the research and has already prepared a plan for to prevent the Covid 20 exit, which is already mentioned in China for the autumn

28 May 2020 | 11: 18