«The jewels-sculptures to start again But we want to go back to Oltrarno »

the school of goldsmith arts

16 May 2020 – 15: 27

Giò Carbone, director of the Lao-Scuola di Arti Orafe, moves the exhibition to September. And launch an appeal: let us start again, the students also available for the summer

by Chiara Dino

The first beautiful thing Giò Carbone tells us is that yes, despite everything, in September something of the week dedicated to jewelery under the supervision of “his” Lao (the School of Goldsmith Arts ) will recover.

The seven, pardon the seven – this year they are all women – new promises of modern jewelry will see their works exhibited inside Precious Young , the exhibition that, as a rule, during the Florentine jewel week dedicated to sector designers from all over the world, brings to the city jewels that almost become sculptures made by young craftsmen. Pieces of art. “These are seven young artists – explains Carbone, founder and director of the school in via dei Serragli – who have been selected based on the research and innovation potential of their creations. Therefore, this is not just an aesthetic but also a value evaluation ».

The seven talented designers, whose exhibition will take place in a location yet to be defined, are called: Elwy Schutten, Jess Tolbert, Rachael Colley, Marie Masson, Chia-Hsien Lin, Zihan Yang, Dongyi Wu. And each, in addition to the beauty of their creations, will bring an idea to Florence. To say: “Chia-Hsien Lin, a young Taiwanese jewelry designer – continues Carbone – uses plastic material that is capable of retaining and releasing odors”. The possibility for the final consumer to choose the necklace that not only meets his taste, but is able to activate emotions linked to the memory of a perfume. Rachael Colley, on the other hand, who comes from the United Kingdom, works on discarded, biodegradable citrus peels, which, when heated by the body, emit a fruity scent. The American Jess Tolbert transforms, with results of great aesthetic value, commonly used objects and materials, almost as if to seek the synthesis of useful and beautiful by experimenting with transformation. Marie Masson, French, plays on irony by fusing hair, feathers and body attributes with other materials. Then there are the Dutch Elwy Schutten with his creations in stone and silver, and the Chinese Zihan Yang who works on repetitions and obsessions and Dongyi Wu who gets involved with the difficult test of representing our moods.

“The exhibition, which after Florence will go to Padua and Spain – explains Giò Carbone – is the only one of the appointments of the jewel week initially scheduled for June which we kept standing even though moving it in September. It is a way of transmitting our will to leave. A will that we have also expressed to the Government with a public appeal in which we ask to restart training organizations such as ours ». Lao has in fact adhered to an appeal by 20 Academies of Art and Craft throughout Italy to the Prime Minister and to the various Ministries to evaluate the early reopening of their courses. «In this period – explains Carbone – we managed to remotely continue only the theoretical courses, and only a part of those that foresee laboratories. But our need, given that it is a private school based on students' fees, is to start again as soon as possible with the necessary health guarantees, otherwise between the economic commitment to pay the rent of the premises (8. 000 euro ed) and that for wages we are at risk ». The 70 per cent of the students are foreigners and all said they were available to take the courses in the summer. To say, just to stay at the seminars, from 6 to 24 July scheduled there would be one on the drawing of 90 hours. While two others, of 120 hours each, should always leave on July 6th to close on 30. But to start accepting reservations there is a need for the well-being of the authorities.


16 May 2020 | 15: 27


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