The lawyer and the wolf of the 41 bis

Dear lawyer, it is really a pleasure to see you.

– Me too. I tried to come earlier, but with this emergency …

– There is no problem lawyer ', the important thing is that you have come. It looks good on you, you look like a superhero!

– Eh! Unfortunately they are the provisions. You are on the other side of the glass, but we who are outside must keep it. There are guards.

– They make us put it too, even on this other side of the glass there are guards. Those are always there, in the world of the free and in the world of the unfortunate, but this is not a problem, you and I understand each other with our eyes.

– Certainly Don Antonio, you and I have a special harmony. So tell me, why did you need to see me?

– Loneliness advocates ',' or 41 bis is heavy. But also because I trust you and I know you are telling me the truth. I wanted to have certain news of my affections, to know if what they tell me on the phone is true.

– They are all well and healthy, don't worry.

– I am pleased to. Health is a serious matter, especially in this scarce period.

– Of course. But tell me about yourself.

– And what should I tell you. I do 'for life I do prisoner and I pay the blame for being well, I am virùs' at home does not send me. I was wrong and the state rightly condemns me. I'm not complaining. Also in here, even if I don't see anyone, I have a way of acculturating myself. For example, a few days ago, I saw a very instructive documentary.

– What was he talking about?

– Of wolves. It showed clearly what the wolves' strategies are when they go hunting. The unity of the pack is the most important thing, but this is a known thing. Loyalty in their society is a matter of life and death. But the thing that has impressed me is their intelligence. There was this prey in the documentary, which 'or herd' and wolves chased for miles. 'As long as he was well, he ran away quickly, and the pack behind. The more she ran, the more they ran without being discouraged. Little happened or an important fact. The prey was injured. He was no longer healthy. At that moment 'or herd' and wolves realized that he had won. The injured animal was losing blood, was not breathing well, was afraid because it did not know whether it would survive or not. Tremava accussì assaje that at some point he did two accounts and realized that the only hope he held was to surrender to wolves and hope for their clemency. Do you understand what jokes that 'fear' make? Is it nice done or not?

– Very. Go ahead, I'm enjoying this documentary.

– I was sure, that's why I'm telling you. What I have not told you is that the wolf leader, puveriello, could not run since days ago he had ended up in a trap, one of those that put hunters on and which unfortunately sometimes work. 'O pack leader, therefore, he had problems moving freely and the wolves who could run had to chase him. When the prey stopped, not receiving assistance from anyone, he let the wolves get closer. Slowly, with kindness, they reached it and first they went a little crazy with their prey, so much so that the animal thought it was safe, as they started to silently handle it, as they know how to do. Without banging, almost discreetly and elegantly, they knew so much that 'unfortunate' was now in their will. Na clean thing. Not even a drop 'and blood has soiled' and legs' and chilly wolves, who have not forgotten to show gratitude and gratitude to their boss.

– A beautiful story. Eh! Nature is a teacher, 'nce is not long ago'.

– Master and mistress advocates' … and as mistress he dictates the rules of survival. Did you understand the moral of that documentary?

– Explain it to me, be good.

– I serve you immediately. 'A moral is this. The fort doesn't need to worry. Sometimes it happens that due to fortunate circumstances, it is precisely 'or weak to hand himself over in his hands with the hope of being saved.

– Gorgeous!

– And then there is another moral one.

– Tell me.

– When the prey is injured it is time to act, before it receives assistance. In this I must say that wolves are helped, as luckily they always come late, in the midst of the jungle it is difficult to move easily. For wolves, however, it is no joke. They are quick and eat twice, the prey and also the rescue.

The two laugh.

– Tell my wife to see this documentary, and recommend it on my part also to all those who love me and who love me. Let him see it, however, that otherwise he will heal afterwards.

– Do not doubt Don Antonio.

22 May 2020 | 11: 25


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