The workers of the show in Piazza Verdi in Palermo: «Do not distance but allocate»

phase 2

Twelve o'clock, 30 May 2020 – 16: 43

The protest demonstration simultaneously with other Italian squares

by Alessia Rotolo

About two hundred workers from the show in Palermo met this afternoon in Piazza Verdi, in front of the Massimo theater, each wearing a T-shirt with the serial number Enpals and holding an object representative of their work as actors. or musicians or workers and have read some articles of the Italian constitution, specifically 4, 9 and 33 . Palermo is in network with twelve other Italian cities, the goal is to draw attention to the entire work sector which is in great difficulty due to the Covid health emergency.

«We are workers and show business and Italian culture, – says Mario Barnaba, street artist and coordinator of the movement of Palermo artists – gathered in a national Coordination of realities, collectives and independent autonomous movements, which recognize in art. 4, 9 and 33 of the Italian Constitution, in the ethical culture of work, in its duties and in its rights. On 19 May we sent a document on the emergency that we are experiencing to the institutions, expressly asking to be received urgently by 30 in May to discuss some fundamental points “.

The points that the world of culture and art calls for discussion are: a continuity income is paid that ferries the cultural sector to the full recovery of the individual sectors and protects and guarantees their existence, safeguarding the working relationships in progress, also through meetings politicians and technicians, therefore in the presence of ministries and INPS representatives. An immediate technical-institutional discussion table on the reopening, between female workers, workers, unions, government and institutions, which has as its priority: health for workers, female workers and the public; security protocols; public financing; reform tools, both for the restart in presence, and for a sustainable and democratic virtuality.

«If we do not receive a reply, we announce the proclamation of a state of permanent agitation, – continues Barnaba – with unified demonstrations in the main Italian squares, until the strike of the whole sector and of all the actions that we deem most appropriate. . Culture is a common good, we want to reiterate it in this great street event, ready, when possible, to return to our work “.

30 May 2020 | 16: 43