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Mezzogiorno , 22 May 2020 – 09: 26

Gennaro Cimmino's dream of gathering the choreutic forces at the Mediterranean Theater, like the best known directors and dancers: Giuseppe Picone, Gabriella Stazio and Mara Fusco

by Massimiliano Craus

All agree with Gennaro Cimmino who celebrates his first twenty years of Korper and dance in Naples but already looks to the future and launching an educational and professional idea that goes far beyond his company and the others and which aims to create a real regional center of dance. A common house that could intercept the requests from the five provinces of Campania, all together perhaps hosted at the Mediterranean Theater of Naples.

A dream or a project? Put this way, the Neapolitan choreographer would soon become the deus ex machina of dance, capable of centralizing the burdens and honors of a sector often mistreated by the world of culture to which it belongs and of public opinion itself. Yet the numbers are not lacking! Cimmino himself, moreover, underlined how a capillary and unruly increase in private dance schools in the region has been taking place for at least fifteen years, which has inevitably undermined their credibility and prestige, especially if we think of the salient names of dance and ballet present on the territory.

Think first of all at the San Carlo Theater, which, with its company and the attached Ballet School, represents the undisputed reference point of the Campania and southern scene. In this regard, the director of the Sancarlian company Giuseppe Picone did not miss his own personal thoughts on the construction of a regional center. «Who could not approve such a project? I myself had to emigrate abroad as a boy in order to express myself and make my dreams come true as a dancer. In Italy, and least of all in Campania, job opportunities for the entire dance sector are lacking and therefore I fervently welcome such a proactive idea. Above all because in this way our professionals would be more protected and, not least, the very important induced makeup, wigs, costumes and various accessories that contribute to the realization of the live show would also benefit. A dance school and a stable ballet company would be an outlet for the entire dancing community and certainly would not affect the role of the San Carlo Theater, nor of the team that I have been running for five years, nor of the oldest school in Europe . ” Preserving the prestige of the Neapolitan Maximus, Gennaro Cimmino therefore foresees the overcoming of the centralizing Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome with the creation of a new institution with wide decision-making margins in the didactic, artistic and professional fields, that is the Achilles heel of the whole organization that makes Rome the caput mundi of dance.

Gabriella Stazio, artistic director of the historic company Movimento Danza, fits in this groove and, without too many words, rebounds the responsibility for the feasibility of Cimmino's project to the legislator of our region: the idea of ​​my colleague and friend Gennaro Cimmino is ambitious and truly beautiful. Moreover, it has been talked about for several years, especially if we think of a stable regional ballet company. The idea is good but takes a long time. Primarily for the harmful consequences of Covid – 19 which will force us to at least a two-year bridge before a real return to normal. But then who tells us what the normality will be shortly thereafter? Nobody can tell. The second reason that makes me think of delays is purely legislative, because in Campania Law 6 denies the existence of a production center and a regional company for which the political approach of the dance issue must first be reviewed. Cimmino's idea is so beautiful that in Italy Mibact has already partially thought about it a shine ago with the establishment of the four three-year Production Centers at Susanna Beltrami's DanceHaus in Milan, Aterballetto in Reggio Emilia, Virgilio Sieni in Florence and Scenario Roberto Zappalà audience in Catania. Production centers that provide a total of around three million euros per year and that of course the entire Law 6 of the Campania Region could not afford to grant the unborn regional dance center.

Despite bureaucratic impediments, words full of enthusiasm also come from the voice of Mara Fusco, dean of the city's dance schools and director of the Ballet of Naples, a banner of the choreutic tradition of the Campania capital recognized everywhere. «Gennaro – he says – has a nice idea that deserves the support of all of us. Especially in light of this serious crisis, I believe we must all work together to get out of it and come back stronger than before. And then what better place than the Mediterranean Theater in Naples? I imagine the spaces suitable for such an undertaking and, above all, for the idea itself that is at the origin of the Mostra d'Oltremare theater and its Palazzo delle Esposizioni which were created to welcome the forces of the whole Mediterranean area. Here, this would be the added value that I would propose to Cimmino, that is to look far beyond the horizons of our region but also to the entire South of Italy and to the entire Mediterranean basin. With a respectable director and a teaching staff and a host of qualified professionals ready to take turns “.

If it is a dream or a project, it is easy to say it, however, has the first stone of the Campania revival of dance been laid? Posterity will judge.

22 May 2020 | 09: 26


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